Turn Up Your Sex Drive With Turmeric

Turmeric is such a gorgeous antioxidant, a spice known for its vivacious color and well-rounded bold flavors.

It’s becoming significantly more recognized these days, now trending as vibrant as it’s complexion. As one of the main spices in curry, turmeric properties and nutrients are as powerful as its staining components – potent as fuck. I’m constantly getting my nails redone due to turmeric powder stains. I should invest in specific “spice gloves”, honestly, I should.

Aside from its obvious visual peacock appeal, turmeric has very intense health benefits attached to it as well; Some surprisingly related to ones sex drive. Here are 7 solid reasons you need this beautiful gem to spice up your sex life today:

Turmeric is a multi-purpose spice

It’s widely celebrated for being both edible and medicinal. The main ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, and no, it’s not Cumin’s cousin. They have no relation, and they’re getting quite upset with the constant confusion, ok? It’s simply the captivating component guilty of the aggressive staining elements and profound medicinal purposes. Curcumin is very well known for its “ibuprofen like” effects when consumed or applied. It’s said that curcumin has been used for thousands of years in Southeast Asia for medicinal purposes for issues such as anti-inflammatory, digestive problems, cancer-curing elements, acne, asthma, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes and the list goes on and on. Usually when I’m in pain, sex isn’t high on my priority list, rub some turmeric on you then you’ll be feeling free to rub your boo, too – or yourself. wink wink

Turmeric is quite the little swinger

Turmeric can be a kinky little devil and swing both ways in the kitchen. That’s right, our darling turmeric can be a naughty little wanker. Used in many curry dishes as a savory spice, it can also be a sweet spice and can be added to ice cream or any sort of tasty treat. Turmeric compliments the yam harmoniously, yam being another naughty swinging consumable item (but that’s for a different article.) I’m currently so obsessed with this spice and the more I experiment with it the better it gets. It’s so versatile; we can go ahead and call it the chameleon of spices. It can adapt and connect with nearly any flavor profile it comes into contact with. I have nothing but pure love for this special spice. And it boasts incredible health benefits too, like, wow! It is such a beautiful thing.

De-bloat for better sex

As I mentioned, it mainly helps with digestion – which minimizes any sort of bloating. Who doesn’t strive for a flat tummy on the daily? I know I certainly do. Nothing kills the libido quicker than that bloated seal feeling. Who wants seal sex? Ha. No thank you. Invite this kinky temptress to your next dinner date, or slip into your beverages, and it’ll be sure to keep your tummy down and your sex drive up. Turmeric is like the Dean Martin of spices; very well known, sexy and smooth yet bold and captivating while being incredibly pleasant and genuine to its core no matter what situation (or dish) it’s thrown in.

Natural Healing Properties

It preserves healthy cells in the body and it’s said to aid the destruction of tainted possible cancer causing cells, depleting them before they have the chance to be cancerous. It’s so mind boggling and simply neat to know that a potent spice can have such incredible effects on the human body. It’s supposed to lower cholesterol by aiding in clearing out arteries assisting with the flow of everything, it’s said to even help with heart disease.

Increases blood flow, everywhere, even down there…

To avoid stiff arteries getting in the way of your blood flow, aka your stiffies, then certainly include turmeric into your daily diet. Turmeric helps with keeping the arteries softened so they are able to expand when necessary and contract easily without any blockage, therefore keeping you nice and erect for longer – or extended clitoris arousal for women. You want un-hardened arteries and veins, not an un-hardened dick. Taking anywhere from 500mg – 1000mg per day is a healthy dose to start noticing optimal changes, even in your mood and daily functions.

Turmeric to turn up your mood

I guess there is something to be said about angry “make-up” sex, which can be fun and relieving. However, generally when a person is in a fowl mood they’ll likely be less optimistic about getting intimate, rather than being in a great mood. There have been studies that show daily intake of turmeric will increase any sort of mood intrusions such as, aggression, irritability, mood swings etc. I’ve been using turmeric for quite some time now and I’ve truly noticed a difference in my moods. I feel like it has helped me stay rather calm, especially during my intense competition diet, which cuts carbs and fruit (sugars.) I believe it’s the turmeric that’s been helping me with keeping a calm mind.
Being a close relative to ginger, turmeric assists with the feeling of nausea and muscle weakness. Turmeric is one of the best Superfoods, being full of such intense antioxidants. We need antioxidants in our bodies to spare free radicals from forming; we don’t need anyone or anything stealing our electrons! We need to keep our molecules and cells as healthy as they can be so we operate at an optimal level.

Please note:

Let turmeric work with you, it will not work for you. You cannot be the spitting image of an unhealthy sedentary human and expect turmeric to be your savior, changing other aspects of your life will only enhance the effects of this golden medicine. Using black pepper along with your turmeric is shown to increase the bioavailability in the active ingredient of curcumin and will assist with the absorption of all the amazing properties it has to offer.

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