3 Reasons you need walnuts in your mouth

Walnuts are high in amino acids
Don’t these look like cute little brains?

We don’t give these nuts enough credit, they’re one of the healthiest nuts around. One’s which we do not put enough of in our mouths. Walnuts are very rich in beautiful natural fats, vitamins and amino acids, which are all essential to the body and its daily functions. If you feel as if you need an extra surge of energy in the bedroom, or perhaps a little bit of an arousal flush of blood flow down there, then these nuts need to be in your mouth, like, yesterday.

The nuts that help you nut

They’re rather high in omega 3 fatty acids, which are known to boost the brains “pleasure chemical” dopamine. My comical little brain finds that rather interesting, as they resemble wee little brains themselves- so neat!  They’re also high in the omega 3 amino acid, arginine. Arginine is the amino responsible for the production of nitric oxide in the body, which is the chemical necessary for erections. Arginine is also responsible for improving sperm mobility, blood flow and essentially overall performance. And being so high in that particular amino acid, you’re set for success. So basically, gents, Deeze nuts will assist with helping you nut.

Walnuts uplift mood and brain function

As I mentioned above, these nuts are very high in omega 3 fatty acids which boasts many incredible health components. It assists with normal day-to-day brain function and promotes good heart health (which we all want!) These are truly magical nuts that will help you with hormone balance, irritability and overall mood swings. Who would have known putting nuts in your mouth would actually uplift your mood. Incredible! And if you’re wanting optimal results, it’s said that drizzling honey on these nuts will help with the absorption of health components it provides. Surely you’ll like to try this at home. *wink*

Great for circulation and erectile dysfunction

It’s said the most common cause of erectile dysfunction is “poor circulation.” Well, have no fear walnuts are here! With as low as 75grams (about 8 nuts) each day, it will assist with increasing a man’s virility and sperm health. It increases blood flow to the genital area, for men and women. A stimulated dick and an aroused clitoris is always an amazing thing, more pleasure endings exposed the better for sex and orgasms – exciting!

Walnuts for extended energy

These nuts are very high in fatty acids and a ton of vitamins and minerals, which help in your daily energy levels, too. Being high in two of the vitamin B’s along with A, E and F, these nuts are packed with goodness. Vitamins B1 and B12 both help with the conversion of carbohydrates to energy for the body. Glucose is one of the main energy sources for the body and walnuts being so high in those two B’s, that’ll greatly assist with your energy levels. Walnuts are very high in the mineral Zinc, which also assists with the breakdown of carbohydrates to fuel – walnuts are working double time for you. Astounding stuff.

Forget coffee, zinc helps you with daily ongoing energy! Just joking, let’s never forget coffee. Let’s just say that zinc can be your added daily bonus. Having adequate zinc levels will boost your immune system, conquer free radicals from cells, give you a healthy metabolism, and increase cell and brain health (so you’ll sleep like a baby.) Amen.

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